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Healthy Portable Bike Snacks

French toast bars, savory egg and bacon rice bars, mushroom and swiss frittatas, pocket pies, sausage and potato cakes, savory polenta cakes, and much more. You'll start to look forward to your snack breaks instead of just seeing them as a necessary evil. Made from real ingredients and much more hydrating than the packaged bars you can buy. I like to make 1-3 recipes at a time and then cut them into individual servings, wrap in parchment paper and foil and then load into gallon freezer bags so I have several weeks worth to pull out for bike rides or camping. The recipes were developed by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim who are responsible for feeding the US Cycling team and other pro cyclists, so you know these are easily digestible and healthy.

Order your copy of Feed Zone Portables here

I also like their first book, The Feed Zone Cookbook which includes healthy meals for training, before and after rides and a few portables as well - get your copy here

Mushroom & Thyme Bread Cake
Swiss Rice Cakes

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